Event Cancellation Policy

Safety is our number one priority at Alliance Oregon and occasionally something will happen that is requires the cancelation of an event.  These circumstances are typically last minute and safety-related and include, but are not limited to, particularly nasty weather or damage to the site that would result in unsatisfactory safety conditions during the event.  If staff has deemed that an event will need to be canceled for any reason, then the staff will announce it to the playership as soon as possible after the decision has been made through all normal methods. As of this writing those methods are Discord, the official Alliance forums and Facebook.

In the event of an event being canceled, the players will be able to request a refund, if they have prepaid.  That refund can be done in one of the following ways:

  1. Money refunded through the method in which the prepayment was received.  Eg, Paypal or Square Cash. 
    1. Refunds must be requested by emailing Logistics at logistics@allianceoregon.com within 60 days of the cancellation being announced.
  2. A goblin stamp donation at a 10:1 goblin-stamp to dollar ratio.
  3. Credit towards another Alliance Oregon event, within the next year (12 months from the date of the canceled event), that the player wishes to attend.

In the event of an event being canceled, the chapter will:

  1. Give all pre-registered players a 60 goblin stamp donation.

Please note that due to our very busy schedule of events, and the fact that this is a volunteer-run organization, all possible attempts will be made to reschedule the event but we cannot guarantee that these attempts will be successful.

Please note that if the event is cancelled, event experience cannot be awarded to players. If an event must be cancelled mid-event, players will receive credit for the logistics periods they attended. Players may be awarded experience for the whole event, but that is not guaranteed.