LCO Item Limit Policy

Alliance Oregon and Alliance Seattle have approved the following policy change. This policy will be enforced beginning August 1, 2013. The policy is roughly in line with what has been set for the Alliance National events.

  • At the time of initial Logistics check-in for an event, each PC may check in no more than 20 LCO rituals.
  • An LCO item must be completely checked-in or left at home; items may not be “split” and partially checked-in. LCO items must be entirely below the cap to be brought in. This is to avoid confusion later on during the event as to which rituals are “active” and which are not.
  • All LCO items count against this limit, no matter which chapter they originate from.
  • Any LCO item marked as an “Artifact” is exempt from this limit.

The following rituals do not count against this limit:

  1. Spirit Link
  2. Spirit Lock
  3. Item Recall
  4. Preserve Duration
  5. Permanent Duration
  6. Boost Duration
  7. Extend Battle Magic Duration
  8. Resist Destroy Magic
  9. Investiture
  10. Render Indestructible
  11. Render Indestructible Improved
  12. Any ritual which is immobile once cast (Limited Circle of Power, Warder Glyph, Circle Lock, Stable Foundation, Proscribe, etc.)
  13. Any ritual marked as “Role Play Only” (RPO)
  14. Any ritual which lasts less than 5 days from the time of casting (Ritual of Woe, Whispering Wind, etc.)

All rituals which are not specifically exempt as per the list above count against this limit, including such “times ever” rituals as Enchant and Skill Store.

LCO Master Constructs count as the following number of LCO Rituals based on how many points they are built with:

  1. 15 points: 5 rituals
  2. 30 points: 9 rituals
  3. 45 points: 13 rituals
  4. 55 points: 17 rituals
  5. 60 points: 19 rituals

LCO rituals only apply to this limit once they have been cast. A player may bring as many uncast LCO ritual scrolls into game as they wish, so long as they otherwise follow the guidelines of this policy.

The intent is that no player utilize more than 20 applicable LCO rituals at once. Temporary exceptions may be made in the heat of battle so that game play is not interrupted (e.g. when a teammate throws you their magic sword so you can strike the attacking Death Knight, you don’t need to ask “how many LCO rits does this have on it?”), but players who are found to intentionally violate this policy (such as consistently asking other players to “check in” LCO rits which they then use for the rest of the event above and beyond the 20 ritual limit) will be sanctioned appropriately as per any other policy violation.

Players with more than 20 LCO rituals as of August 1, 2013 have the following options:

  1. Permanently divest themselves of some items in-game before the limit goes into place.
  2. “Sell back” items which exceed the limit to the originating chapter (Oregon or Seattle only) as per the following formula:
      1. (GS cost for the ritual * months of remaining duration) / original months of duration

    In other words, they will get the original cost of the ritual back as goblin stamps, prorated for how long the ritual has been in effect. Should a player have an LCO ritual which is not currently in the GS list, they should contact the chapter’s staff and a cost will be determined based on a standard formula.

  3. Only bring 20 LCO rituals to any particular game going forward, leaving items with rituals over the limit out of game.