Ban Policy

On occasion, Alliance Oregon will need to ban a player for violations of our rules, either game rules or out of game policies. Ban decisions are made by an advisory committee of our highest ranking staff members: Owner, GM, and Heads of Plot. Our DEI Coordinator or Head of Rules will be included in decision making when the behavior relates to their positions. The Owner has final authority.

We take bans very seriously as a tool we can use to keep our community healthy. There are two types of bans: Temporary and Permanent.

Permanent bans are almost always used when a player has already had a temporary ban. We may decide that a particular violation is so egregious that it merits an instant permanent ban, but this will be a rare situation.

Temporary bans remove problematic behavior while also allowing the opportunity for growth on behalf of the offending player. Temporary bans are often structured with an initial duration and a possible lower duration. In order to move to the lower duration, a banned player must complete external education related to their violation and demonstrate real learning to the satisfaction of the committee. Note that the initial ban may be indefinite. If a player would earn a second temporary ban under the same policy, that second temporary ban will be permanent instead.

Our current ban list will be maintained on the Alliance Oregon forums in the Out of Game section. Permanent bans will list the player’s name and the policy they violated. For temporary bans, we will list the player’s name, the policy that was violated, the initial duration, and the potential shorter duration.

Any changes to the ban list will be accompanied by a new post on the ban thread briefly describing the change. This includes when a player has earned a reduction in ban time, or when a ban expires. Expired bans will be removed from the list at the owner’s discretion.

This policy applies to all Alliance Oregon initiated bans. In addition, we have standing agreements in place with both Alliance Seattle and Alliance San Francisco to respect bans they make, and for them to respect the bans we institute. We believe that these other organizations follow the spirit of this policy in their ban decisions even if they do not follow the letter. Our ban list will include all such mirrored bans from Alliance Seattle and Alliance San Francisco, their durations, and the chapter of origin.