Feel free to contact our staff for any questions or concerns.

New Player Representative, Krystina

Our New Player Representative is here to help all new players get acquainted with our game.  You may contact her for any questions you have regarding scheduling, how to make a character, what do bring to your first few events, what our game is like or anything else that strikes your fancy.

Logistics Team, Barb and Cass

Our logistics staff is almost always hard at work making sure that everything having to do with buying back events, registering for future events and nearly everything having to do with character sheets is up-to-date and operational.

Plot Team

The Plot team is made up of many members but this email address will get you in touch with all of them.  They can be contacted for anything have to do with the plot of the game, including downtime submissions and questions about character backgrounds.

Player Representative, Tony

If you have questions or concerns and wish to raise them anonymously, our player representative is here to help.

General Manager, Brian

If you wish to reach our General Manager for anything related to scheduling or other daily operations of the chapter.

Owner, Rick

Any questions regarding the running of the chapter on a national Alliance level should be directed to the owner.

Webmaster, Rick

If you’ve found a problem with the website like broken links or misspellings, please email our webmaster.